A 20th-level Sorcerer and 5th-level Dragon Disciple. Vicnal has no last name, due to his bastard heritage, and was raised in an orphanage when he was found as an abandoned infant. Vicnal gained sorcerous powers as an adolescent, and became obsessed with learning where these powers came from. He seized upon every clue he could find, and decided eventually that he was the son of the daughter of the daughter of the son of a red dragon. He was angry and resentful that the red dragons had left him and his family to die without ever contacting them.

Vicnal journeyed under Zanhorn over two hundred years ago. He joined Zanhorn’s party, along with several others, and watched his party leader descend into madness as the influences of Mammon and Vecna corrupted his mind. Eventually, Vicnal gained in power as a draconic sorcerer, and tracked down his red dragon ancestor. Vicnal killed him, and then killed every other red dragon in the bloodline that he could find. His need for revenge was satisfied, but Vicnal was unhappy with the world as he saw it. Creatures like Mammon could interfere too easily, ancient dragons did as they wished, and the mortal plane did not truly belong to mortals. He spent several decades in a tower of his creation in a small town near Faranoth, then decided that the only way for him to make peace with the state of the world was to leave it behind. He left for the Astral Plane, taking his physical body with him somehow, and created a private island for himself from whatever material he could find.

Once satisfied with his island, he permanently transformed into a red dragon and cast a Time Stop spell over the entire area, then began to meditate. He stayed that way for millions of years, until the party found him. Donavin wished to learn how to become a dragon like Vicnal, and Vicnal, upon learning that the party wished to seal the mortal plane off from extraplanar influences, agreed to teach him. He also seemed upset to learn about the Temple of Vicnal, a temple of warriors and spellcasters dedicated to the eradication of all dragons.

Vicnal had the party return to Vicnal’s tower to retrieve some items for him, and asked them to expunge his criminal record from Faranoth’s books. After they did so, he had Donavin stay with him for a day of the material world’s time, which translated to about five hundred years on his Time-Stopped island in space.

Once that was done, Vicnal returned to the material plane, his twenty-seven million years worth of meditation having strengthened his draconic power enough that he could take the form of a colossal red dragon at any time.


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