The races of the Prime Material Plane

For lack of a cooler word for the alternate Earth where the story takes place, I generally think of it as the “mortal realm,” or “Prime Material Plane” for fancy-talkin’.

Since it takes place on a globe identical to our modern world in terms of continent placement and overall size, a handy way to look at the races of the world is one continent at a time. So!


Europe is the head of civilization and technology in the world. Nearly all of the intelligent humanoid races exist in some form in

Europe. England, Ireland, Scotland, France, and Spain are mostly human.

Italy, Turkey, and the Mediterranean are primarily elven.

Further east and south, in northeastern Africa and the middle east, are where halflings make their homes.

Eastern Europe’s inhospitable climate is what the bear-riding, vodka-drinking, fuzzy-hat-wearing, no-nonsense dwarves call home. Northwest of England, in Greenland and Iceland, are the less stern and gruff dwarves. The two groups recognize each other as fellow dwarves, but there is no love lost between them.


Though northern Africa is civilized, it is highly contested between the three races of Europe (the elves, humans, and halflings). Outright war and conflicts are uncommon; instead, they vie for economic power and trade rights.

In the south, Africa is mostly untamed, and is home to the goblinoids and a lot of wild magic. Ancient civilizations lie in ruins, tempting many explorers to their deaths.

North America

North America, from the frigid Canadian northlands to the more temperate mid-American plains, is where a large number of shamanistic human tribes live connected to nature and the spirits (Native Americans).

South America

Split pretty much evenly between wood elves with relatively advanced technology and culture in the west (Incas) and bloodthirsty savage orcs (Aztecs) in the east. The middle portion of the continent is still wild and untamed and loaded with monsters and shit, for the sake of better adventure opportunities.


Primarily human, based on feudal Japan, China, and India (Rokugan).


The continent of Australia is home to the gnomes, who have spent centuries in isolation. Their intellect and love of tinkering has given them advanced technology, which, during the last hundred and fifty years, they have started spreading their technology throughout the world. They are the inventors of the airships, which have revolutionized travel and caused massive shifts in world trade routes and economic balances. Some people love them, some people hate them, but nobody likes to visit their hellish home island of giant animals and deadly insects.


Being primarily a shitton of frozen wasteland, Antarctica is not home to any intelligent humanoid races. It is a barren land inhabited only by monsters and ruled by frost dragons.

The races of the Prime Material Plane

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