The lord of the aligned plane of Lawful Evil and the embodiment of the sin of greed. Mammon was a cruel and sadistic devil who only finds pleasure in building his own wealth at the expense of others. He claimed to be merely a businessman who gives people what they wish for, but very few have walked away from a contract with Mammon happy with their reward.

Two hundred years prior to the start of the adventure, Mammon lost his power and briefly became mortal. In a desperate bid to regain his position, he agreed not to sign any contracts for a century at the behest of Michael Arclight, ancestor of Raziel. A few years after his century was up, Mammon got his revenge by making a contract with Raziel’s mother: he would cure her infertility if she would sacrifice a living human baby in his name. She did so, and shortly thereafter became pregnant with Raziel.

With Raziel being such a constant thorn in Mammon’s side, he had many opportunities to regret this decision, but he bravely soldiered on regardless, spinning every grand deed of Raziel’s into an advertisement for Mammon’s services and even occasionally helping Raziel. Mammon’s contract with Michael explicitly forbids Mammon from directly harming any of Michael’s descendants, and so Mammon could not kill Raziel himself or order any of his minions to do so for him.

Mammon could magically compel any devil to do his bidding, and could teleport them to anywhere in the mortal realm at will. His most powerful minion was the personification of gluttony, Beelzebub, whom he had adopted as his “daughter.”

He was fond of white business suits and employed a very skilled staff in his cafeteria.

The party tracked down and destroyed three artifacts containing fractions of Mammon’s power, weakening him enough that Ivillios the Gold was able to lead a coup against him and overthrow him as King of Lawful Evil Hell. Mammon, again reduced to a mortal man, was presented, bound and gagged, to the party at the home of Vardiss. Though Raziel wanted to kill him immediately, Cheryl convinced him to let Mammon remain a mortal man, with a geas placed upon him to force him to become Good. Mammon took to being Good quite easily, getting a job as an accountant for the city guard of Faranoth, and later being promoted to head of the treasury of the entire kingdom. He has married a local widow and provides well for his stepchildren. He is widely hated by Faranoth’s nobility for his refusal to allow any corruption or tax evasion, and Mikoto Bayushi has said that she wants Mammon to work for her after his time as a mortal ends with his now-inevitable death.


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