Two hundred years ago, the kingdom of Faranoth went through many drastic changes. From its thriving capital city on the western coast of the largest continent on the planet, its political power and economic influence spread across the globe due to its unrivaled presence across the world’s oceans. It was ruled by the mad king, Bartholomew Silverheart III, who was wise enough to recognize his own personal lack of wisdom and allowed a board of six trusted advisors to handle most of the kingdom’s day-to-day affairs.

When Bart III was young, he had also assembled a group of adventurers to be his champions, personal guard, and elite soldiers. Though powerful, time had forced them into retirement, and they had filled other roles. When a little bird told Bart that a conspirator was aiming to remove him from the throne, he put together a new group of adventurers with the primary goal of stopping the conspiracy and allowing him to remain on the throne so that he could continue enjoying the hedonistic delights that such a rank allowed him.

Unfortunately for Bart, the attacks from the conspirator become more overt as he was flushed out, taking a toll on his already weak sanity, and he stepped down to allow his son, Bartholomew IV, to rule in his stead. The adventurers eventually were able to expose and capture the conspirator, who turned out to have been the Paladin in Bart III’s original elite squad and one of his most trusted advisors. He had taken the Eye of Vecna in his youth and become a Blackguard who felt that a kingdom as large and powerful as Faranoth should be ruled by a single decisive man instead of by a committee headed by a lunatic.

Bartholomew IV made many sweeping changes to the kingdom’s government, including putting Bart III into the advising position left vacant by the conspiring Blackguard and sending his father’s adventurers into the world with his blessing.

The intervening time has been one of peace. Faranoth’s rule over the world’s sea has been challenged by many other kingdoms of many other races, reducing its presence and making it more equal among world powers. It is still a prospering nation, ruled by a distant nephew of the earlier Silverhearts, who carries the family name as Bartholomew Silverheart XI. Bartholomew XI maintains a steady and just hand in his ruling of the kingdom, and continues the centuries-old tradition of maintaining a board of six trusted advisors to aid his rule.


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