Daughter of Mammon, though not biologically. A primal force of hunger and gluttony spawned in the deepest pits of Hell who clawed and ate her way to the top. Well, almost the top. Mammon saw the usefulness in having her as his chief enforcer, and bound her to his will. She had a suite on the top floor of Mammon’s giant corporate office, where she was able to relax, soak in a hot tub, and eat hundreds of pounds of food per day.

Her natural form is that of the tarrasque, but if she is able to keep her hunger under control, she can assume the appearance of a dark-haired young woman. She prefers to wear fine clothes and jewelry, and is somewhat vain. Although she likes to think of herself as refined and graceful, her table manners are awful, and she is more concerned with getting as much food into herself as possible than she is with any sort of dignity.

She is always hungry and never fully satisfied, but, so long as she is able to eat roughly her body weight in meat per day, she is able to keep control of herself. Balmorn Taletreader created a pair of enchanted contact lenses that she was forced by Mammon to wear, which change her eye color from blue to red as her hunger increases and her control decreases. She can transform into her tarrasque form at any time, but is forced into it if she does not eat enough. In tarrasque form, she loses all control of herself, and has no memory of what she does while in that form.

Despite, or perhaps because of, Mammon’s adoption of her, she hated Mammon intensely and wanted nothing more than to be free of him. For this reason, she aided the party as much as she could, even meeting with them clandestinely on one occasion to ask them to allow her to stay in the mortal plane if she agreed to never trouble them again.

After Ivillios the Gold took Mammon’s place, Beelzebub kept her word and kept herself scarce. She had flirted with Donavin on several occasions and expressed an interest in him, but it remains to be seen exactly what kind of hunger she feels for him.


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