Balmorn Taletreader

A level 20 Elven Wizard who lives in the basement of Vardiss’s manor with Thomas, the unaging alchemist. He and Thomas have studied the nine aligned planes of the afterlife for over eight hundred years. One would think they would know more than they do by now.

Balmorn believes that his powers should be used to improve the lives of the average citizen, but Thomas disagrees and has, so far, won the argument.

Balmorn once made a contract with Mammon, the Devil of Greed, to get a mutton, lettuce, and tomato sandwich in exchange for giving Mammon the lenses that his daughter Beelzebub wears The sandwich was so delicious that Balmorn no longer finds pleasure in any other food.

He is not immortal. As he approached the end of his natural lifespan, he used a Wish to youthen himself and became an infant. As he approached the end of this second life, he used a second Wish to age backwards. He is now halfway through his third life, becoming younger each day.

After ivillios the Gold took over Hell from Mammon, he sent the chef who had crafted the cursedly delicious sandwich to spend several weeks at Vardiss’s manor to teach Alexis some of his cooking techniques. Balmorn is now once again able to enjoy food, though, naturally, only the food Alexis cooks for him.

Balmorn Taletreader

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